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Minimise Food Waste To Save Money

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  • As more food orientated businesses start to re-open but footfall remains uncertain Too good To Go are waiving their registration fees for businesses that register via FOR Cardiff. The process is simple, allowing you to sell leftover food at the end of the day – reducing the quantity wasted and recouping some of the associated costs.

    Too Good To Go is the easy way to sell surplus food:

    Customers buy surprise Magic Bags. You simply fill them with delicious, unsold food or drinks – whatever is surplus
    You set a collection time that works for you. Users pre-order Magic Bags, then show up at the arranged pick-up time
    It’s a win-win-win

    Find a new route to market: The app will give you access to customers that you might otherwise not reach
    Recover sunk costs: Get money for food that would have been binned
    Show you care: Take tangible steps to help the environment
    There’s no upfront cost (all fees are deducted from the payments Too Good To Go sends you)

    £1.09 [+VAT] per Magic Bag sold
    No contract, no commitment. cancel any time
    Members are being offered an exclusive package of support by virtue of hearing about this from For Cardiff.

    Fees for joining the platform are waived
    You and your staff will gain access to an education programme about food waste
    Click here, or copy and paste the link below, to pass on your details – a representative from Too Good To Go will be in touch.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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